Improv Classes / Workshops

Current Improv Classes: 

Dec 20

Musical Improv Drop-Ins with Keith Munslow ** SOLD OUT **

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Date(s) – Thursday, Dec. 20th- 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
**We apologize for the inconvenience but our remaining musical classes (12/13 and 12/20) are SOLD OUT.  Due to the popularity of the class through pre-registration we will not be able to accept any drop-ins on either night.  You must already be registered to attend!  Please email with questions or to join a wait list**

Dec 29

Advanced Short-Form Workshop

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Shortform improv is, by some, thought of as the kid brother of long-form improv. No longer! Popularized by shows like Whose Line and Wild ‘n Out, shortform improv provides a language and skill set for all improvised performance. In this workshop, you’ll learn half a dozen stage-ready shortform games, as well as advanced improv skills like finding the comedic angle, connecting with the audience, finding the scene within the game, and when to make and break the rules. After this crash course, you’ll be comfortable performing shortform games on stage and using these shortform skills to make your longform scenes snappier and stronger.

Taylor Bruneaux is an alumni of ImprovBoston’s Face Off and Harold Night, where she performed short- and longform improv weekly to suspecting and unsuspecting crowds. She is also an alumni of ComedySportz Boston. Currently, Taylor performs the festival circuit with her longtime improv team and longer-time best friends, Cuddle Party.

Jan 09 - Feb 27

Level 1 - Improv Basics

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Our next Level 1 class begins on Wednesday, January 9th and runs through February 27th

Here is where it all starts! This 8-week class is designed to teach you the core concepts of improv including agreement, pattern and basic scene work. Students will learn how to work from the top of their intelligence to make choices that will become the building blocks of great scenes. Within a highly supportive and positive environment, students will explore and practice the core skills of improvisation. At Wage House, we strongly believe anyone can improvise, so this class is for everyone! Learn the fundamentals of improv and practice getting up on stage. Improv is great for anyone wanting to be a better performer, have more communication tools, work on public speaking, or just have fun! At the end of the class, you and your classmates will perform as a team in your very own show.

This course runs for 8 weeks, and each class is 3 hours long.

Please be advised this class will include some light to moderate physical activity.  Participants must be at least 16 years old.




Wage House offers improv classes and workshops year round. Our instructors care about giving you actual skills you can use on stage. Our improv philosophy is centered around ‘not improv-ing past your improv’. What’s that mean?…well it means we will teach you to hold on to what you create at the top of your improv scene and you’ll be able to use to for inspiration for the rest.  Oh, and, improv is useful in tons of ways besides the theater! People learn improv for public speaking, communication skills, building teamwork, and just for Fun! Basically you should take an improv class. Improv is growing in Rhode Island and Wage House is excited to be apart of your improv experience. Our theater is located in Pawtucket, which is very close to Providence and the East-side! Check back often to see what’s new!! 

Class Info

Wage House offers a variety of classes and workshops to people of all experience levels. We want to give you a space to learn, create and make stage magic.  Our goal is for your experience with us to be informative, fun and useful. Classes are designed to help our students become successful improvisers, equipped with tools and skills they can bring to the stage. The class environment is playful and supportive. The rigorous curriculum is lead by experienced instructors who care deeply about teaching and your development as an improviser.