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Nov 04

Do More with Less -Improv Workshop

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Cost: $35
Do not miss this amazing improv workshop ‘Do More with Less’ Taught by Kelly Buttermore and Justin Peters -two of America’s top independent improvisers.
Do More with Less
Radically simplifying your scenework from the top can be a powerful technique for creating great and memorable scenes and characters. Through a progression of exercises that prioritizes an economy of words, we’ll teach players to trust their first choice, and to make that first choice matter. We’ll focus on eye contact, physical proximity, and learning to love and trust silence in your scenework.

Open to all experience levels

Jan 09

Level 1 - Improv Basics

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Level 1- Improv Basics

Tuesdays starting January 9th

Here is where it all starts! This 8 week class is designed to teach you the core concepts of improv including agreement, pattern and basic scene work. Students will learn how to work from the top of their intelligence to make choices that will become the building blocks of great scenes. Within a highly supportive and positive environment, students will explore and practice the core skills of improvisation. At Wage House, we strongly believe anyone can improvise, so this class is for everyone!

Instructors: Kate Teichman

Class dates: 1/9, 1/16, 1/23, 1/30, 2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27

Cost: $225.00




Wage House offers improv classes and workshops year round. Our instructors care about giving you actual skills you can use on stage. Our improv philosophy is centered around ‘not improv-ing past your improv’. What’s that mean?…well it means we will teach you to hold on to what you create at the top of your improv scene and you’ll be able to use to for inspiration for the rest.  Oh, and, improv is useful in tons of ways besides the theater! People learn improv for public speaking, communication skills, building teamwork, and just for Fun! Basically you should take an improv class. Improv is growing in Rhode Island and Wage House is excited to be apart of your improv experience. Our theater is located in Pawtucket, which is very close to Providence and the East-side! Check back often to see what’s new!! 

Class Info

Wage House offers a variety of classes and workshops to people of all experience levels. We want to give you a space to learn, create and make stage magic.  Our goal is for your experience with us to be informative, fun and useful. Classes are designed to help our students become successful improvisers, equipped with tools and skills they can bring to the stage. The class environment is playful and supportive. The rigorous curriculum is lead by experienced instructors who care deeply about teaching and your development as an improviser.