*SOLD OUT* Advanced Short-Form Workshop

Date(s) - Dec 29 - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Advanced Short-Form Workshop 

*This workshop is now SOLD OUT* 

Short-form improv is, by some, thought of as the kid brother of long-form improv. No longer! Popularized by shows like “Whose Line” and “Wild ‘n Out”, short-form improv provides a language and skill set for all improvised performance. In this workshop, you’ll learn half a dozen stage-ready short-form games, as well as advanced improv skills like finding the comedic angle, connecting with the audience, finding the scene within the game, and when to make and break the rules. After this crash course, you’ll be comfortable performing short-form games onstage and using these short-form skills to make your long-form scenes snappier and stronger.

About the Instructor: Taylor Bruneaux is an alumni of ImprovBoston’s Face Off and Harold Night, where she performed short and long-form improv weekly to suspecting and unsuspecting crowds. She is also an alumni of ComedySportz Boston. Currently, Taylor performs the festival circuit with her longtime improv team and longer-time best friends, Cuddle Party.

Saturday, Dec. 29th – 1pm-4pm

*Prior improv experience required.  Some light to moderate physical activity is involved.

Cost: $30 

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