From Justin to Kelly + The Key Party Improv Show

Date(s) - Nov 30 - 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This night of comedy has it all!! First up we are excited to welcome back  From Justin to Kelly, a New York based duo, to the Wage House stage! Kelly Buttermore and Justin Peters are two of America’s top independent improvisers. As the duo From Justin to Kelly, they spend most of their time on tour, performing and teaching at theaters and festivals around the country; since 2014, they have performed and taught over 250 shows and workshops in 25 different states, the District of Columbia, Canada, and international waters. Their signature form is the Walter, a minimalistic monoscene that emphasizes silence, eye contact, and total commitment to the moment.  Off stage, they promote a DIY ethos that encourages improvisers to find their own voices and own their own work. They are based in New York City, where they are the founders of Countdown Theater, a roaming pop-up improv collaborative. They are also the producers of the Countdown Improv Festival, the only national improv festival dedicated exclusively to trio, duo and solo improv. They spend a lot of time in the car, talking about the radio.

Up next Wage House brings back the fun, cheeky and completely improvised Key Party show!  Join us as we take real-life couples and mix them up into new pairings for the stage! At the top of the show each improviser will put their key into the bowl and the audience will choose new couples…after that, anything can happen! Get ready for scenes about love at first sight, awkward date nights, pre-arranged marriage, divorce, and more!!  

Runs: Friday at 8pm  [Doors open at 7pm] 
 Cost: $5.00 
*All tickets paid for at the door.
Cash or credit accepted.


Get your tickets at the door. Doors open at 7pm

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