Up in the Attic + Kate Teichman and Jake Goldman

Date(s) - Dec 01 - 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Wage house is delighted to bring back Up in the Attic and Kate Teichman and Jake Goldman to the stage!! Watch and laugh as these groups take a suggestion and make up an entire show before your very eyes.
Up in the Attic-Behind the taxidermy owl, right next to Aunt Lucy’s prom dress but BEFORE mom’s autobiographical erotica these seven friends and improvisers are looking for the next big thing Up in the Attic. Tonight, they come down to share what they’ve found. Up in the Attic is one of Rhode Island’s premiere long-form Indy teams. Their commitment and chemistry blend perfectly to produce a show that offers everything from detailed environments, hilarious group games, and deeply meaningful, deeply wacky characters and scenes. They never know the things that will come out of the attic of their group-mind but you’ll love discovering and laughing with them. Kate Teichman and Jake Goldman-Veteran performers Kate and Jake perform fast-paced, character driven, laugh-packed improv. Kate and Jake are known for going anywhere and everywhere with their characters and themes. How unhinged will things get? Come see!! 
Runs: Friday at 8pm  [Doors open at 7pm] 
Cost: $5.00 
*All tickets paid for at the door.
Cash or credit accepted.


Get your tickets at the door. Doors open at 7pm

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