Poolside and an Improv Jam!

Date(s) - Jul 13 - 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Wage House is excited to bring back Poolside to the stage for one night only! After taking an audience suggestion, each player steps forward to perform a mini-scene. For the rest of the show, the group sets out to answer why and how those scenes came to be. Featuring some of the state’s best and funniest veteran improvisers, this team of oddballs can’t wait to make you grin, snicker, and howl. Cast includes John Bender, Jake Goldman, Andy Mendillo, Kate Teichman, and Tim Thibodeau.

Then stick around after the show for an improv jam, where everyone is welcome (but not required) to get up onstage to play with us! 
Runs: Fridays at 8pm  [Doors open at 7pm] 
Cost: $5.00 
*All tickets paid for at the door.
Cash or credit accepted.


Get your tickets at the door. Doors open at 7pm

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Wage House is an improv comedy theater located in Pawtucket offering fun-filled shows every Friday at 8pm. Our shows are high energy, smart, and unscripted so you'll never see the same show twice. The venue has a bar and light snacks so come early to enjoy the lounge area!