Them’s Fightin’ Nerds + Schooled

Date(s) - May 17 - 8:00 pm - 9:15 pm

Wage House offers a fun and unique night out at a great price!  Enjoy an amazing live comedy show created on the spot before your very eyes!  Our bar opens at 7:15pm so you have time to grab a local craft beer or wine before or during the show!  Every seat is a great seat in our intimate theater! A night at Wage House is the perfect date night, girls’ night out, group meet-up or work outing!
Performing tonight:
Them’s Fightin’ Nerds is a crowd favorite so don’t miss your chance to see them!  Comprised of recent Wage House training program graduates, this team is on a mission to make you laugh!  They bring a broad spectrum of nerdiness to the stage, delighting audiences with their deep cuts and razor sharp wit.
Schooled is ringing the bell and calling class into session!  Comprised of Wage House training center teachers, Schooled knows all of the rules and knows how to break them!  They’re like that cool teacher who wears a leather jacket and prefers you call them Eric because “Mr. Cranmore is my father” combined with that kinda quirky, kinda quiet chem professor who totally saw you skip class but wouldn’t narc on you.  Schooled is joined by special guest Chris Moody for one night only! 
Runs: Fridays at 8pm  [Doors open at 7:15pm] 
Run Time: 1 hour 15 minutes 
Cost: $5.00 
*All tickets paid for at the door. Cash or credit accepted.



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Wage House is an improv comedy theater located in Pawtucket offering fun-filled shows every Friday at 8pm. Our shows are high energy, smart, and unscripted so you'll never see the same show twice. The venue has a bar and light snacks so come early to enjoy the lounge area!