Is your show family friendly?

Our improv shows are generally PG-13.  However, they’re unscripted (you’ll never see the same show twice) and can vary from G to R. Improv comedy is an open art forms that sometimes includes adult language and themes. Please decide if your family member is of age to attend. No lifeguard on duty!



What nights do you have shows?

We have shows every Friday night at 8pm! We also have a once-a-month competitive short form show on Saturdays!  Check our schedule for Saturday show dates.


 I signed up for your email list, but you never send me emails!  What’s up with that?

Please check your Spam folder!  We send out emails to our subscriber list frequently but sometimes they go directly to Junk  Mail, AHHH!  Check out those folders and then mark us as NOT SPAM! 



Is your theater handicap accessible?

Not quite yet. We are working on it though! At the main mill entrance there is a ramp leading into the building and a way to get to our space through the mill, however there is one small step along the way that we have not  made wheelchair accessible yet. Thank you for your patience, we will update this as we make progress. 



Is alcohol available?

Yes. Wage House offers beer and wine selections at its bar. We accept cash or credit card (cash is preferred). Patrons 21+ can purchase alcohol with proper ID. Doors open at 7:15pm. We invite you to arrive early and enjoy a beverage. Beverages purchased at our bar can also be brought into the show.  



Is food available?

We’ve got light snacks and non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase before the show. We accept cash or credit card (cash is preferred). Snacks and beverages purchased at our bar can be brought into the show.  



What is improv?

At the risk of starting a flame war with comedy nerds, we’ll define improv simply as an unscripted comedy show, unique to that night’s performance, where everything you see is made up in the moment. We may have a general format planned for you, but all the scenes and laughs are made up right in front of you without pre-planning.



Will I get pulled up on stage or put on the spot?

Nope. You’re our friends. We wouldn’t do that to you. When we do ask for audience participation we ask people to volunteer, so we will never pull you up onstage if you don’t want to be up there!


icon_pencilCan I book a private show or a private workshop?

Absolutely. Go to the Book us! page and send us an email with what you have in mind.


icon_appleDo you offer classes?

Sure do! We offer improv and sketch comedy classes, intensives, and workshops for folks of all experience levels. Check out our Classes/Workshops page to see what’s coming up.


icon_chairsCan I make a reservation?

Sure can! Click on the show you’re interested in seeing and you’ll be able to reserve seats from there. We strongly recommend reserving seats. All tickets are purchased at the box office the night of the show but by reserving seats online you guarantee a seat is saved for you. Walk-up tickets ARE NOT ALWAYS available the night of the show. Making a reservation is quick & easy!


icon_ticketCan I purchase tickets in advance?

Nope. For now, you can make a reservation that will secure your seats. Then just pay at the box office upon arrival at the show.


icon_creditDo you take credit cards?

We do! Cash is preferred, but tickets, classes, beverages, and snacks can all be purchased using a credit card.


Wage House is an improv comedy theater located in Pawtucket offering fun-filled shows every Friday at 8pm. Our shows are high energy, smart, and unscripted so you'll never see the same show twice. The venue has a bar and light snacks so come early to enjoy the lounge area!